Living more with less : what’s the idea behind minimalist travel bag?

One of the biggest challenge when you are going to travel for a few months is what to pack. It might sound insane but I want to take only a carry on luggage which I like to call my minimalist travel bag. Please keep for you any sexist comments : yes, a woman can travel light. It only takes 3 steps : select, organize, adapt.

Of course, It is more difficult when you are a sketcher and want to bring some art supplies to record your discoveries. I might end up with more sketchbooks than clothes … But I don’t really worry because it never happened that I’ve met George Clooney when traveling. So, no need to take this fancy dress and high heels shoes. That’s being said, I do have 3 dresses in my bag.

First : select. Minimalist means making dozen of decisions including choosing the perfect luggage. Luckily, I’ve found mine in Oslo. I like that I can also carry it on my back if I want. 

Secondly : be wise and organized. I’ve opted for different pockets which makes it more convenient to store and find my belongings. One pocket is for the T-shirts and tops, one for dresses and trousers, one for pyjama, underwear and swimsuits (yes, 3, I cannot always shut down my « you never know » side), one vanity case and one pocket for sketching and writing supplies.

Third : adapt. Take clothes that don’t need ironing. Prefer tops that go with all your trousers. And, if you miss any cloth : just buy it. I’ve managed to also take one umbrella, one pullover and one puffer jacket, in case of less warm places.

Minimalist also implies that I will not have room in my luggage for this wonderful unique aboriginal sculpture, those Polynesian fabrics or this so cute replica of a Moia. I will have to find tiny souvenirs or send some home by post if possible. Big big challenge for a person who collects elephants …

At the end, I am really happy with the content of my bag, which weights 8.2 kilos. I have plenty of cloths and most of the time I will be dressed with style. And the best is that through this new way of traveling I will gain something valuable in my daily life : learn to value more experiences than possessions.