Why a sabbatical year ?

What are we exactly looking for when we decide to take a sabbatical year? Hard to say. Do we want to find something or, on the contrary, to get rid of what is no longer appropriate for us ?

During a sabbatical, many choose to escape their daily life and go abroad for a long trip, taking the risk of maybe never returning.

As far as I am concerned, I do not try to flee something or lose myself in the distance. No, I simply wish to take advantage of another form of freedom, with no imposed schedule or obligations. Of course, it’s a kind of delusion because you can’t totally ignore what is around you or the people you care about.

My main goal for the next 12 months is to have another relation with time, to learn and understand, be it at the other side of the world or just at the corner of my street.

Taking a sabbatical year also means assuming your difference and contradictions : love your job but being able to put it on hold, spend all your savings to invest on your own well-being, leave your loved ones to better come back to them.

I do not intend to accomplish a world tour. First, because it would be presumptuous to pretend to grasp all the nuances of our world in so little time. Secondly because a tour involves a beginning and an end, to which I cannot resolve myself.

So, I’d rather consider this break as a unique opportunity to fulfill my desires, always being open to new discoveries, which of course implies some travels.

This new journey, sometimes just a few meters from home, will hopefully allow me to take the time to get to know myself better and observe the world around me from a different perspective.