The 100 days project


This year, I’ve decided to do the 100 days project, which means to choose one creative exercise and  repeat it every day for 100 days. It all began in 2011 in New Zealand when graphic designer Emma Rogan invited others to join her in doing something creative every day. Since 2011 over 3,000 people from all over the world have participated in the project.

This year, the 100 days project started on April 4th and will last until June 12th. At the end, I will be able to assess what evolved in my practise.

My one little world for 2017 is COMMITMENT and I hope that the 100 days project will help me implementing this motto. I am very good at starting things and somehow at a point get lost and don’t finish them. Let’s see if this time it will be different. One extra motivation will be sharing on instagram as many people are doing this challenge at the same time.

I’ve chosen travels as my theme. Each day, I will make a sketch of a country or city where I have been. I will draw and paint on enveloppes. Maybe this  will lead to another project such as sending thoses enveloppes throughout the world or writing a letter with my feelings about the place sketched, or making a travel journal by putting ephemeras in the enveloppes. I am not quite sure yet.

The first thing I’ve learned is that it does not require too much time. This week my sketches were done in about 15 minutes. Usually, I sketch in the morning while drinking my coffee before going to work.


I am choosing the destination randomly with whatever place inspires me on that day. I sketch from photos. So far, I’ve been back to London, Athens and Paris.


I am very happy with the result. Let’s see where this new adventure will lead me. Are you also doing the 100 days project ? If yes, leave a comment to explain what is your theme. I would be happy to follow your progress.